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The World's First 5G Business-Friendly Messaging App

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The place to be seen

Welcome to the next generation of messaging apps. Built for influencers, brands and grandmas, bizz is the app you've been waiting for!

Awesome Features

Group video calls, 4K live streaming and exclusive RADAR location-based messaging.

Business Friendly

Unlimited groups with powerful marketing functionality.

Ironclad Security

Built with end-to-end encryption to keep your conversations private.

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Keep in touch with friends and family

Finally a powerful, easy-to-use messaging app that feels like home! Individual chats, private group chats and high quality video calls will keep you always up to date.


Built for business from the ground up

Discover the power of unlimited bizz groups. Cultivate a community of engaged users hungry to interact with your brand:

  • Unlimited open groups
  • Unlimited by-invitation-only groups
  • Campaigns, offers, polls
  • Live 4K video streaming
  • 24/7 Streaming radio station


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Welcome to the next generation of messaging

The world's first app with RADAR, innovative location-based messaging.


iOS, Android & Web




Users Worldwide


Open Groups

An Exciting Roadmap Ahead

Like nothing on the market

Share live 4K video content with friends, colleagues and customers. Broadcast high quality content as needed.

Program an interactive radio station for your group's users. Setup a custom playlist and keep your users engaged around the clock.

An integrated e-commerce ecosphere perfectly adapted for e-commerce, travel, restaurants, dating, gaming and sports betting.

As an influencer, bizz is the ideal platform. I can interact with my audience in a warm, personal manner that truly builds a sense of community!

Amelie Peterson

As a local business owner, bizz is an awesome way to cultivate enthusiastic customers. Believe me, I've tried every social network out there. I can't wait to set up my bizz premium loyalty program!

Dale Robertson

My grandkids live far away, and now with bizz it feels like they're just around the corner! The app is so easy to use and now I'm able to actively participate in their lives.

Liz Gonzalez

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