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Bizz Announces Custom Localized Versions for Master Franchisees

The Bizz team is excited to announce its newest business-friendly feature: customized white-label applications for Master Franchisees. As the world’s first business-driven 5G messaging service, [...]

Interview with Bizz CEO, Eric Klein

Bizz has been making a lot of noise for changing the way people communicate online. But what makes Bizz that different from other messaging services? [...]

Bizz Social Media App Names Eric Klein As New CEO

Bizz, the world’s first 5G business-friendly messaging service today announces the appointment of Eric Klein as its new Chief Executive Officer. Klein will lead the [...]

Bizz to Expand into Middle Eastern Market

Bizz, the world's most social messaging app, is excited to announce its upcoming expansion into the Middle Eastern Market, together with what this means for [...]